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It’s always difficult to receive that frantic call from a loved one. It’s Sunday and your son was in an accident in the United States and you live in Toronto, Ontario. Because it’s the weekend, you can’t go to the bank, and Jason needs instant cash to take care of all the bills that just came up. One of the fastest ways to wire money is to check into a payday loan in Canada to send to an account in America.

Because money can be wired into an account on the same day, many people use this option if money is needed hundreds of miles away. This is also beneficial if you can’t get to a financial institution or it isn’t open. You can apply for a payday loan in Canada by visiting a storefront location or applying online. When you go in person, you just need to leave a physical check as security of payment. If a person applies online, then the main requirement is an ACH (Automated Clearing House) authorization. It’s important to pay the loan back once you have the funds or you receive your paycheck. It’s a loan that is what it says – payday!

* Instant cash to take care of bills
* Cash advance protects you from a check bouncing
* The money can be wired anywhere, even thousands a miles away




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